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Machine Tool Design and Numerical Control by N.K. Mehta: Theory and Practice | PDF

in addition to material covered in this course is the design of machine tools. more specifically, the course covers the design of the machine tool. it focuses on: the design of the machine tool, the spindle design, the type of machine tool to be used, the turning geometry of the machine tool, the analysis of the material removal process, the kinematics of the machine tool, the tooling options, the design of the work piece, the design of the blanking and the design of the clamping system. furthermore, the course covers the design of the bearing system.

nk mehta machine tool pdf free

this course is designed for undergraduate students who have taken numerical control systems. the course will introduce the nc&m-c&c software package, available from numerical control systems corp. in the course of the year, the student will be introduced to the principles of machine tool design, the work piece geometry, the spindle design, the cutting process, the cutting tool design and the use of nc&m-c&c. students will be introduced to a variety of nc&m-c&c programs, i.e., cnc tools, nc&m-c&c systems, dnc systems and nc&m-c&c programs. also, the student will be introduced to the basics of the nc&m-c&c software package, i., data management, program development, scheduling, programming, editing, and debugging. finally, the student will be introduced to the use of numerical control and the use of the nc&m-c&c software package for machine tools.

this is the second edition of machine tool design and numerical control. this edition has a few additions and updates. these include new subsections on calculation of machine tool time, determination of shaft and gear dimensions, design of lathe bed and kinematics of machine tools. the book includes numerous pedagogical aids. this edition contains 131 chapter end review questions and a number of solved examples. it also has 12 programs for nc, dnc and cnc systems.


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