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Kamasutra: The Tale of Revenge is an epic erotic drama film that explores the dark and hidden aspects of human sexuality. The film is written and directed by Rupesh Paul, who announced it at Cannes Film Festival 2012, after the successful premiere of his previous movie, Saint Dracula 3D, at the same festival.[1][2] The film is set in a historical period and follows the story of a passionate love affair that is threatened by betrayal and war. Inspired by Vatsyayana's ancient Sanskrit literature on the art of love and pleasure, the movie depicts how sex and sensuality can transform one's body,mind, and soul in profound ways.

The film revolves around the life of Princess Maya, who is the daughter of a powerful king and the heir to his throne. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman who has learned the secrets of Kamasutra from her mentor, Rati. She falls in love with Prince Raj, who is the son of her father's enemy and the leader of a rebel army. Their love defies all boundaries and they elope to a secluded palace, where they indulge in their erotic fantasies.

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However, their happiness is short-lived as they are discovered by Maya's father, who is furious and orders his men to capture them. Raj is taken prisoner and tortured, while Maya is forced to marry a cruel and sadistic prince, who humiliates and abuses her. Maya vows to take revenge on her father and her husband, and uses her knowledge of Kamasutra to seduce and manipulate them. She also plots to free Raj and escape with him.

Will Maya succeed in her mission? Will she reunite with Raj and live happily ever after? Or will she face the consequences of her actions? Kamasutra: The Tale of Revenge is a thrilling and sensual film that showcases the power and danger of love and lust. 0efd9a6b88


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