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[S4E5] Fracture

Wendell works with Bones and the now cleaned bones. Since they do not have the head, they cannot determine cause of death. Solving this case may be impossible. Wendell notices a boxer's fracture on one of the fingers. "It happens if you slug someone without keeping your wrist dead straight." Brennan is impressed with Wendell's findings. She moves closer to him. "Mr. Bray, have you ever conducted a sexual relationship with a woman over 20 years older than yourself?" Wendell does not know how to respond and took it as Brennan propositioning him.

[S4E5] Fracture


The Prendergasts come to the clinic to find Sister Julienne. The baby is crying worse than ever. Doc Turner examines the child and finds it has a fracture in the leg and says the baby needs to be taken to the hospital.

On the Rocinante, Naomi is enjoying floating freely in space when she gets a call from Dr. Sarkis asking her to share surface data from Ilus with him. Naomi is at first reluctant, saying that Sarkis's boss Murtry was trying to kill her some hours ago, but Sarkis replies that Murtry is not his boss, and that he is "kind of an ass". Naomi is convinced and sits down to help him. Meanwhile, Alex picks up a call from Jakob, who is furious and demands to talk to Lucia. He yells at her, asking if she knows where her daughter is, and is very displeased when he learns that Lucia was part of blowing up the shuttle landing pad. She retorts that her choices were not easy, but someone had to fight to protect them, but Jakob tells her that the RCE is rounding them up to leave, their new beginning has been stained by death and violence, their daughter is missing and their family is fractured. Lucia begs him to fight back and not let them lose the settlement after all she's done to protect their claim, but Jakob replies that all her horrible actions have accomplished is to ruin the last thing they had left. He hangs up and she starts to cry, before realizing that she is bleeding heavily.[4]

The fractures between Bishop and Lady Mae deepen and old wounds are reopened as he considers an invitation to preach elsewhere; Grace struggles to keep her secret and the church under compartmentalized control.

As Titans Season 4 progresses, Dick Grayson/Nightwing hasn't been shy of admitting they need help against the powerful Mother Mayhem. She's cut Raven from her powers, making it tougher for a Dick who also has Beast Boy being fractured due to the Red. Starfire is similarly struggling with her bloody destiny. Thankfully, though, he has Jinx on board with her supernatural expertise.

  • Rebecca PopeBiographical InformationStatusAliveAliasAva

  • Jane Doe

  • Shannon

  • Shannon Marie

  • Smashed Up Face

  • No-Face Girl

  • Medical InformationDiagnosisPregnancy

  • Facial injuries

  • Hypothermia

  • Crush injuries

  • Cardiac tamponade

  • Traumatic pericardial effusion

  • Memory loss

  • Orbital bone fracture

  • Facial deformities

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • Fetal edema

  • Seizure

  • Brain bleed

  • Hysterical pregnancy

  • Acute stress disorder

  • Wrist lacerations

  • Underlying borderline personality disorder

  • Doctor(s)Addison Forbes Montgomery

  • Preston Burke

  • Richard Webber

  • Mark Sloan

  • Derek Shepherd

  • Alex Karev

  • Izzie Stevens

  • Cristina Yang

  • Meredith Grey

  • Graciella Guzman

  • Dr. Shapiro

  • TreatmentSurgery

  • Fetal monitoring

  • Cervical cerclage

  • Facial reconstruction

  • IV antibiotics

  • Bed rest

  • Epidural

  • C-section delivery

  • Stitches

  • Alprazolam

  • Clonazepam

  • Psych consult

  • Residential psychiatric care

Familial InformationMaritalJeff Pope (husband, separated)ChildrenDaughterParentsFatherOthersFather-in-lawAppearancesFirstWalk on WaterLastFreedom, Part 2Count18SeasonsGA: 3 and 4Portrayed byElizabeth ReaserRebecca Pope (also known as "Ava") was a patient from a ferry-related accident. She was brought to Seattle Grace Hospital where she bonded with Alex but later left when she recovered her memories. She later reappeared and although they loved each other, she slit her wrists and almost died, thus Alex was forced to have her transferred to a psychiatric facility.

She had a fracture to her orbital socket, meaning she needed surgery. Mark Sloan said it needed to happen as soon as possible, but Addison Forbes Montgomery recommended that they wait a day or two to minimize risk to her baby. Rebecca decided to have the surgery immediately. During the surgery, the baby went into distress and Jane Doe had vaginal bleeding. Addison was called in and she had to do a cervical cerclage. After her surgery, her sight was safe. ("Scars and Souvenirs")

Before the start of the fifth season, Ball fractured her leg in a skiing mishap. The injury was worked into the plot, as the actress spent much of the season in a cast. That obviously cut down the slapstick comedy. Ball would never be quite so physical onscreen again. 041b061a72


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