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How to Register ExpertGPS 4 with Your License Key

How to Register ExpertGPS 4 with Your License Key

If you have purchased ExpertGPS 4, a powerful software for managing GPS data and maps, you will need to register it with your license key to activate all the features and benefits. Here are the steps to register ExpertGPS 4 with your license key:

Expertgps 4 Registration Key

  • Run ExpertGPS 4, and click Enter Registration Code on the Help menu. Enter your license information, and restart ExpertGPS 4.

That's it! You can now enjoy all the features and benefits of ExpertGPS 4, such as:

  • Working with hundreds of GPS receivers, including Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, and more.

  • Downloading maps and aerial photos from various sources.

  • Creating and editing waypoints, routes, tracks, and shapes.

  • Converting GPS data between different formats and coordinate systems.

  • Printing high-quality maps and reports.

  • Exporting GPS data to Google Earth, Excel, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and more.

If you need any help or support with ExpertGPS 4, you can visit or contact the developer at

Why Choose ExpertGPS 4?

ExpertGPS 4 is more than just a GPS software. It is a complete solution for managing your GPS data and maps in a fast and easy way. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, ExpertGPS 4 can help you with your GPS-related tasks and projects. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose ExpertGPS 4:

  • ExpertGPS 4 is compatible with most GPS devices and formats. You can connect your GPS receiver to your computer and transfer data in seconds. You can also import and export data from various sources, such as GPX, KML, CSV, SHP, DXF, and more.

  • ExpertGPS 4 lets you view and edit your GPS data on a variety of maps and aerial photos. You can download maps from online sources, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, USGS topo maps, and more. You can also use your own scanned maps or georeferenced images.

  • ExpertGPS 4 allows you to create and edit waypoints, routes, tracks, and shapes with ease. You can use the built-in tools to draw, measure, calculate, label, and customize your data. You can also use the advanced features to geocode addresses, reverse geocode coordinates, calculate areas and distances, project coordinates, and more.

  • ExpertGPS 4 enables you to print high-quality maps and reports for your GPS data. You can choose from various templates and options to customize your output. You can also export your data to other applications, such as Google Earth, Excel, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and more.

  • ExpertGPS 4 offers you a friendly and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn and use. You can access all the features and functions from the menus, toolbars, and panels. You can also customize the layout and appearance of the program to suit your preferences.

How to Get Started with ExpertGPS 4?

If you are new to ExpertGPS 4, you may wonder how to get started with the program. Don't worry, it's not difficult at all. Here are some simple steps to help you get started with ExpertGPS 4:

  • Connect your GPS receiver to your computer using a USB cable or a Bluetooth adapter. Turn on your GPS device and wait for it to be recognized by ExpertGPS 4.

  • Click Receive from GPS on the GPS menu to download data from your GPS device to ExpertGPS 4. You can also click Send to GPS to upload data from ExpertGPS 4 to your GPS device.

  • Click Add Map on the Map menu to download maps and aerial photos for your GPS data. You can choose from various sources and options to get the best map for your needs.

  • Click Edit Waypoint on the Waypoint menu to create and edit waypoints for your GPS data. You can also click Edit Route , Edit Track , or Edit Shape to create and edit routes, tracks, and shapes.

  • Click Print on the File menu to print maps and reports for your GPS data. You can also click Export on the File menu to export your data to other applications.

That's it! You have successfully completed the basic steps to use ExpertGPS 4. Of course, there are many more features and functions that you can explore and use in ExpertGPS 4. To learn more about ExpertGPS 4, you can visit or watch the video tutorials at e0e6b7cb5c


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