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Kitab Fathul Bari: A Masterpiece Of Hadith Commentary [REPACK]

Hadith is one of the primary sources of Islamic law and guidance, along with the Quran. Hadith refers to the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad SAW, as reported by his companions and followers. Among the many collections of hadith, Sahih al-Bukhari is considered to be the most authentic and reliable. It was compiled by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari (d. 256 AH), who spent his life traveling and collecting hadith from various sources. He applied strict criteria and methods to verify the authenticity and accuracy of each hadith. He selected about 7,000 hadith out of more than 600,000 that he examined.

Kitab Fathul Bari: A Masterpiece of Hadith Commentary


However, Sahih al-Bukhari is not only a collection of hadith, but also a treasure of Islamic knowledge and wisdom. It covers various topics such as faith, worship, ethics, history, and more. It also contains many hidden meanings and subtle nuances that require further explanation and elaboration. Therefore, many scholars have written commentaries on Sahih al-Bukhari to provide more insight and understanding of its contents. One of the most renowned and authoritative commentaries on Sahih al-Bukhari is Kitab Fathul Bari by Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani (d. 852 AH).

In this article, we will explore the background, features, and benefits of Kitab Fathul Bari, as well as its author and his contributions to Islamic scholarship. 25c41cae91


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