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This is the 1948 Peterbilt 350 Cabover truck for ATS Standalone Works on v1.46 and v1.47.they were fixing the sounds, because this model is an older version, it was without sounds, and a few more things were done. Obse...


The cross-border transport of gold and silverIn the early days of the trading room, we executed cross-border escorts for gold and silver.The Treasury Department of the Head Office was about to transport a large amount of gold deposited in Beijing to London, where it would be stored for sales in the international market. According to the conditions at that time, we not only didn't have to pay a storage fee, but could also charge a considerable rental fee [lease rate]. The escort work was carried out by Mr. Li Shucun and Mr. Dong Wenchao from the People's Bank of China (PBoC), and Mr. Chen Zhentai and Mr. Gao Jilu from the Bank of China (BOC). I was responsible for the escort work on site. It was in 1983, a month or two after the armed hijacking incident with Zhuo Changren, so it brought a high degree of tension to the air transport of the gold. The Ministry of Public Security send their men to accompany us to London. During a meeting, we had to decide whether or not the men from the Ministry of Public Security should be armed. From the viewpoint of security, it was needed. If anything went wrong, the pilots and treasury staff would be very vulnerable. But it was a problem entering other countries with arms, so we finally decided not to carry any weapons.We also discussed the plane to fly through Pakistan territorial sky. "Do we need to inform the government of Pakistan?", we thought. If we did, it might cause a news leak. If we didn't, there would be no protection from the Pakistani government. Finally, it was decided not to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan until the plane took off, to minimize the possibility of a news leak. At the same moment-right after the aircraft took off-we would notify Lloyd's for the insurance policy.Back then one of the places where gold was stored was at the basement of the Head Office at the East End of Xijiaominxiang, Beijing, which is near the Mao Memorial Hall. Gold was to be transported out from there to the Capital Airport and then to Gatwick Airport in London by air. For the urban transport in Beijing, only the open Jiefang trucks were available. About ten trucks were lined up. In each ride a heavily armed PLA [People's Liberation Army] soldier and two staff members of the Treasury Department were present. We relied on ourselves to handle, load and unload the trucks. A staff member of the Treasury Department used a steel hook to move each package, a black steel carton in the size of a shoe box, bound by steel bars, containing two pieces of pure gold weighing about 25 kilograms, to the trucks one by one.Because the entrance to the courtyard of the head office at Xijiaominxiang was too narrow, the big Jiefang trucks had to park on the street to load the gold, which delayed the operation. Many passers-by saw it. It created a rumor that the gold was dug up during an excavation at Memorial Hall. Of course, the rumor was harmless.The gold was transported to the airport, and loaded on the airplane by a machine quite smoothly. The Boeing 747 was loaded with 120 tonnes, instead of being fully loaded, because of the high mass density of gold and the safety of the flight. We laid out the steel cartons with gold on the deck in the middle of the plane, each of which was laid out as a large single bed, and twenty or thirty "single beds" in the entire cabin. While we were flying through the night, we slept on these gold "beds." We joked; we were flying on a "golden dream".The plane arrived at London airport in the early morning, but I was surprised that no guards were arranged on site for the arrival of the gold. It was not long before the BOC London branch contacted several professional escorts to transport the gold to the vault of the Bank of England.Due to the international recognition stamp on the gold, inspection procedures were waived. Because there were no metal detectors [for assay testing] at the time, it only relied on weighing at the Bank of England. Less than a month after our shipment of gold, we heard that bandits had robbed gold at the airport. We had been lucky. 041b061a72


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