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How to Create Spectacular Shows with Dataton Watchout 4

How to Create Spectacular Shows with Dataton Watchout 4

Dataton Watchout 4 is a multi-display software that allows you to compose and manage all the different media elements in your show â video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound â and then play it back on multiple displays. Whether you want to create a projection mapping show on a building, a digital signage installation in a museum, or a live event with LED walls and moving lights, Dataton Watchout 4 can help you achieve your creative vision.

In this article, we will show you some of the key features of Dataton Watchout 4 and how to use them to create spectacular shows.

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Uncompressed Playback

One of the advantages of Dataton Watchout 4 is that it supports playback of uncompressed video or images at full resolution and framerate. This means that you can enjoy the highest image quality possible without any compression artifacts or loss of detail. You can also use any kind of resolution and aspect ratio that suits your project, from 4K to 16K and beyond.

Unlimited Display Devices

Dataton Watchout 4 does not limit the number of display devices you can add to your show. You can use any combination of projectors, monitors, LED walls, or other display devices that you want. You can also edge-blend, map, or arrange them in any way you like. Dataton Watchout 4 will synchronize them perfectly and ensure that your show runs smoothly.

Virtual Displays

The virtual display feature is a flexible way to map pixels on 3D geometry or your LED walls through a wall processor. It can contain any kind of media, such as video, stills, tweens and dynamic content. You can use this feature to create realistic projections on complex shapes or structures, or to create stunning effects on your LED walls.

Unlimited Timelines

Dataton Watchout 4 is a user-friendly, timeline-based show creation tool. You can drag and drop media onto an infinite number of timelines, auxiliary timelines or layers. You can also control the timing, transitions, effects, and properties of each media element with ease. You can also use cues, triggers, variables, expressions, and external inputs to make your show interactive and responsive.

3D Mapping / Facade Projection

With Dataton Watchout 4 you can create projection mapping shows on any shape, structure or building. You can import your 3D model and use the 3D projection feature to visualize your show. You can also use the camera calibration feature to align your projectors with the physical surface. Dataton Watchout 4 will take care of the warping and blending for you.

Capture Content

Dataton Watchout 4 allows you to capture multiple content streams through low latency capture cards, USB cards, network streams, VNC or live IP workflow using NDIÂ (Network Device Interface). You can use this feature to integrate live cameras, webcams, video conferencing systems, streaming services, or other sources into your show. You can also manipulate and mix them with other media elements in real time.

NDI / Live IP Production Workflow

Dataton Watchout 4 supports NDIÂ capture. NDI allows multiple video streams on a shared connection, enabling high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over local area networks and reducing costs plus deployment time. You can use this feature to connect with other NDI-enabled devices or software in your network and create a live IP production workflow.


Dataton Watchout 4 is a powerful and versatile multi-display software that can help you create spectacular shows for any market or application. Whether you want to impress your audience with stunning visuals, sound, and interactivity, or you want to simplify your workflow and save time and money, Dataton Watchout 4 is the solution for you.

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