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Does Crazy Rays Buy Cars

With the engine switched off and giving myself a short respite from the radio which has become my constant companion on my daily school runs, I revelled in the silence. As I rolled my window down, the stillness was broken by the leaves of the trees rustling in the wind and I watched as they floated gently to the ground. However, the sound of cars passing by was the only thing to bring me back to the fact that we were right in the heart of London. But this knowledge did not distract me from my solitary tryst with the park. Everywhere I looked, there was an extravaganza of colours -- a smattering of different shades of yellows, rusts, browns and greens. Autumn was well and truly upon us and it was glorious in its splendour. It reminded me of the different colours I used to see on my mothers paint palette, however, she would probably refer to them as yellow ochre and burnt sienna! What a spectacular palette God must have to create such a milieu. But it is just as beautiful no matter what time of the year I go through the park. Summer always sees hordes of people taking a stroll, the younger generation rollerblading, families having picnics or just lying on the grass soaking in the sun. Summer in the park always makes me nostalgic and takes me back to my university days where we would pack our books and a picnic lunch and come to study in Hyde Park just before our final exams. Needless to say that once we were sitting on the green grass under the warm rays of the elusive English sunshine, we would inevitably end up chatting, daydreaming or taking a well deserved nap from our few minutes of studiousness. We would also watch the little paddle boats gliding past us as we flicked through our books. The paddle boats on the Serpentine River become popular as soon as spring takes its leave and summer arrives. I was unaware until very recently that the Serpentine was a man made river. Queen Caroline, wife of George II, had extensive renovations carried out and in the 1730s had The Serpentine, a lake of some 11.34 hectares, created.

does crazy rays buy cars

The sun does shine quite often during the cold month of January, and we need these rays of ultraviolet warmth to build up our immune systems and protect us from viruses and germs. All you need to do is cuddle up with a toboggan, warm coat or blanket and a cup of hot black coffee. The front porch with a bright winter sun shining on you is a great way to spend some afternoon time on a winter day. The sun that shines today, on tomorrow may turn dark and gray. Harden your body to the warmth of the sun on a winter day.

Scott Benner 23:12Yeah. It's interesting. It's a whole, like, I find the whole thing kind of fascinating. So, all right, well, we've, you asked to come back on because you've got something you want to talk about, but I don't actually know what it is. So I'm going to find out along with everybody else what's so. G voc hypo pen has no visible needle, and is a pre mixed auto injector of glucagon for treatment of very low blood sugar. In adults and kids with diabetes ages two and above. Find out more go to Jeeva forward slash juicebox G voc shouldn't be used in patients with insulinoma or pheochromocytoma. Visit Jeeva I'm feeling a little sentimental here. This is my last ad of 2022. I did some rough math before I started. I have done over 450 advertisements this year spread out over Oh God, I didn't do the math on that one hold on a second. Calculator need that. This is probably gonna be one of these things I could have done in my head over 200 episodes 450 ads. And Medtronic is not coming back next year with the red pen ads. So this is really a finale for me. Let me see if I can. Let me see if I can do a really good job here. Hold on a second. If you don't want to use an insulin pump, but you want a lot of the functionality that insulin pumps have, you should take a look at the in pen from Medtronic diabetes. The pen is one of today's sponsors. And if you really go look at in pen What you're going to find is an insulin pen that doesn't look Much different than what you're expecting. Actually, I don't think it looks different at all from what you're expecting. But where the difference comes is that that pen connects to an app on your phone. And this app, I'll tell you that this app shows you your current glucose when paired with your continuous glucose monitor. Is that not enough you need more it has a dosing calculator calculates the optimal dose for meals and corrections using current glucose and activity levels. And excuse me an active insulin levels. I was getting ahead of myself, it shows you active insulin remaining, your glucose history generates reports for you or for your physician. It has an activity logs, you can see doses meals, glucose readings, it keeps a history of your doses. You can see when the insulin went in a meal history. It's amazing. It's right on this app, it's just fantastic. Now you can go to NPN right now and just sign up and just get going. You can learn more watch videos, there's a lot to do on this website. If you scroll down far enough, you'll see that while this offer is available to people with commercial insurance, in terms of conditions apply, you may be one of the people who will pay as little as $35 for an implant. It's crazy. Medtronic diabetes doesn't want cost to be a roadblock to you getting the therapy you need. So with the implant Access Program, once again, you may pay as little as $35 in pen, head over there now. I had a great time. I love him. I think it's terrific. I wish they could have come back. I think they wanted to but it just didn't work out. You know, grown up reasons. But don't take it out on them. Go get yourself an NPN from Medtronic diabetes, I really do appreciate the time they spent with the podcast. And I hope Medtronic comes back soon. I thought that our partnership was actually very enjoyable. And I'm thinking of one certain person. I can't say her name right now. But when she hears this, just know I really enjoyed our time together in Penn G vote forward slash juicebox. Don't forget about touched by type There are links in the show notes of your podcast player to these and all the sponsors. And if you can't remember them, head to juicebox You can just click on them right there. And that really helps to show. Alright, let's get back to Patrick. Oh, wait a minute, one last time for this. Let me get ready. In pen requires a prescription in settings from your health. All right. In pen requires a prescription and settings from your healthcare provider. You must use proper settings and follow the instructions as directed, where you could experience higher low blood glucose levels. For more information, and that safety information visit in Penn Well, I messed that up but as last time, so 041b061a72


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